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We partner with you to find ways for you to reach a much bigger customer base and sell more of your products.

We are experts in marketing and eCommerce, so we will find the best channels to promote your products and optimize your listings to best reach your customers

Our Team

Our passionate and enthusiastic team will work with you to get your products in front of your customers.

Tim Wells – Marketing Manager

Tim comes from a marketing and project management background and is passionate about providing excellent service to customers. Tim has a bachelor’s degree in management and marketing and has years of experience marketing and promoting products from a wide range of industries online.

Tim is a keen drummer and when he’s not working, he loves creating music.

Catherine Bryant – Product Specialist

Catherine spent her childhood in Christchurch, New Zealand, but now resides in sunny Alabama. Having spent the last 10 years working on marketing shows for a New Zealand theatre company, she loves working with clients and ensuring that they receive efficient and friendly service, as well as finding creative ways to show the product to best advantage.

In her spare time she enjoys photography, exploring the outdoors and writing music.

Alex Bryant – Customer Care

After growing up in Illinois, and a brief stint in New Zealand wooing and winning his New Zealand wife, Alex now lives in Alabama. An extrovert to the core, Alex delights in building relationships, and has a passion for understanding people and helping them to reach their goals.

A stickler for detail, Alex’s hobbies include ensuring that his Ford Mustang is unfailingly polished and spotless, and training his golden retriever, Toby.

Kristina Wells – Customer Care

Kristina has a bachelor’s degree in education and a passion for helping others achieve their potential. She brings excellence and enthusiasm to all of her communication.