How to write great marketing copy

Well-written marketing material is key to success in any business, online or otherwise. You’ll need to get a thorough grasp of these concepts so you can communicate effectively with your customers, and influence them to purchase from you!  Let’s explore some of the key strategies to use when writing marketing material and sales copy for your website.

Plan and set some goals

What do you want to achieve from this particular piece of marketing? It should have a purpose, or it isn’t worth doing! Do you want to get visitors to your site to perform some action such as signing up for a newsletter, enquiring about a product, or purchasing if you have an e-commerce store? Perhaps you just want to inform them about your brand, or educate them about your company or product  – these are also valid goals.

Consider your target audience

Spend some time thinking about your audience. Who is likely to be reading this material, and what are the things that are important to them? If it’s a younger audience, for example, you might use a more informal style of writing. If you’re selling baby products, your target audience might be young mothers – think about what their needs are, and how to connect best with them.

Features and Benefits

This is extremely important! You need to clearly explain what the benefits are of the product or service you are promoting. Always mention the benefits first – draw your audience in to read further by enticing them with a juicy benefit! Then explain the relevant features, to support your claim. Don’t get greatly involved in the details here – technical specs can go somewhere else.

Here’s an example; “Never lose your wallet again. The wicked widget wallet chain clips onto your belt, and keeps your wallet connected to you wherever you go!”

Notice that the benefit – never losing your wallet, is mentioned first, with a brief description of the features following to back up the claim.

Hopefully, these tips are insightful and helpful to you as you work on your online marketing campaign! If you need help – we’re available to write great marketing pieces for you.


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